glitter nails

a few months ago, i got started on a serious glitter kick. i even thought that it might have been a good idea that i wasn’t engaged, or i would probably try to cover our entire wedding in glitter.

if you saw my wedding inspiration board, you probably noticed that the glitter obsession is still in full force. and you better believe that glitter will probably make its way onto some nails for the wedding. only probably not mine because my fiance thinks it looks weird. maybe my toes?

glitter nails

a colored nail polish
a corresponding shade of ultra fine glitter [i used smoky quartz by martha stewart]
a clear top coat
a small paintbrush

glitter nails

1. paint one nail with the desired shade of nail polish.

2. while the nail polish is still wet, generously apply glitter.

3. use a small paintbrush to carefully dust off excess glitter.

4. repeat steps 1-3 on all nails.

5. when the first coat of nail polish is dry, apply a clear top coat. [i sometimes apply a few coats throughout the day to give my nails a smoother texture].

glitter nails

glitter nails

ps. my the first photo and the two above were taken by my little sister. seriously. she is awesome.

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