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if you have a smart phone, download the “my fitness pal” app right now.

the boyfriend downloaded it onto my phone earlier this week, and my first thought was “why on earth did you put this on my phone? you KNOW i think counting calories is a sin.” so he said to just look at it, and if i didn’t like it, i could delete it.

turns out this app is my new best friend. now let me just be clear and say that never before in my life have i had the desire to count calories – that would be an awful existence – but this sheds a whole new light on calorie for me.

to get started, you simply enter your age, height, current weight, and what you would like your goal weight to be. then you specify if you just want to maintain your weight or how much you would like to lose a week [if you are into that sort of thing], and it gives you the amount of calories you should be eating each day to accomplish your goal.

each day, you track what you eat. it is the COOLEST thing. you just search for an item, like”in n’ out cheeseburger”, add it to your daily summary, and it tells you how many calories it is and how many you have left for the rest of the day. [fyi, a cheeseburger without spread is only 400 calories. not bad]. it get’s better. if you’re using your phone, you can scan barcodes of food items as well. isn’t that crazy? then you just have to punch in how much you had, and it figures out the rest.

it also gives you a daily summary, showing how much of certain nutrients you SHOULD consume, and how much you are actually consuming – which is way more important to me than knowing how many calories i am eating. this little app has taught me a lot about my eating habits. for example, i actually rarely eat too many calories. and i am really good at getting enough fat and sugar in my diet. however, i am apparently not very good at getting enough vitamins. imagine that. in fact, yesterday, i had NO vitamin c. so i got orange juice at the store today. [i would rather not come down with scurvy].

one more thing. you can also input your exercise. for example, yesterday i ran two 9-minute miles [wimpy. i know]. i punch it in, and it tells me how many calories i burned and factors that into my daily summary.

so if one of your goals for this year is to be healthier, which i imagine is on just about everyone’s list – it makes mine every year – you have got to try out this system. it works great if you can do it on you phone because chances are you generally have your phone with you. but if not, you can always make an account at i would also highly recommend doing it with a buddy: a significant other, sister, neighbor… that way, you can keep tabs on each other and keep each other motivated!

really. start right now. you can thank me later.

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    As soon as I read this entry, I went directly to the site. I love it! I’ve been working out a lot and eating healthier since New Years and I think this site is going to make my life a whole lot easier.

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    I’ve had this app over a year & love it, honestly I forget at times about it. But it’s really great for just making sure you get a good vitamin intake as well as calories.

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