pasta salad

i made pasta salad. and then i ate pasta salad. we also took pasta salad to some friends. i love pasta salad. [photo courtesy of my phone].

i have more than half of a pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge. life is good.

it is 1am and i just got back from the dollar theater. i was driving home, past the theater, then pulled a quick u-turn and told my cousin i was coming to get her and we had 10 minutes to make it back to the movies. i walk on the wild side.

i had clam chowder and corn chowder for dinner. i was so excited to eat the corn chowder that i forgot to add the parsley [that was already chopped] and the potatoes [that were already peeled, chopped, and boiled]. in fact, i didn’t even notice until the soup was gone.

i am all out of leftovers. sad. well, besides the cheesecake.

i don’t have one of my goal sheets printed yet. oops. in my defense, i don’t have an operating printer. i think i will just go print out 50 for the rest of the year. i kind of want to move sunday to the beginning of the week though.

i reviewed last week’s sheet, and here is what i found out. i am very good at writing in my journal every day. i am not so good at going to bed and waking up on time. and i am not so good at it this week either. maybe next week?

the boy has been doing my dishes. all of them. all the time. i don’t even ask. i just look over, and the dishes are done. i do not know what is going on. but i like it.

he also took my car and filled it up with gas yesterday.

and made a special trip to go to the grocery store to get me 2 boxes of the special mike and ikes.

he is my favorite.

i was going to try to run 4 times this week. i think i will settle for 2.

i will probably eat a chocolate as soon as i wake up tomorrow. it seems to be a regular occurrence these days.

i was going through a box and found a card i wrote to my mom a few months ago. it was pretty funny. so i’m going to send it – even though it is long overdue. get excited mom!

i might have looked up the spoilers for the bachelor. i have a disease. a surprise ruining disease.

bedtime. i think i am more excited to go take off my shoes than i am to go to sleep.

hope your week is shaping up to be lovely.

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