this is probably my favorite picture of my little sister. ever.

she’s pretty much the best.

even when she beats me at bowling and then makes fun of me in front of our entire extended family for the next few days.

she’s really good at text messaging. and writing notes. and planning parties.

in fact, she has become the self-proclaimed wedding planner, maid of honor, and bridesmaid art designer for my wedding. i’m not really sure what a bridesmaid art designer is, but jennifer has it covered.

everyone that knows her just loves her. i’m actually pretty sure that she has more friends than i do.

isn’t she the cutest?

love you jen. come visit me again soon – i miss you already.


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    You don't know how touching this was for me. I just had my second daughter five weeks ago. We found out when she was born, she has Down Syndrome. I have hurt for my two-year-old, thinking she won't have the relationship I dreamed of for her. Tears at this post. It was given to me tonight.
    Our story:

    It's really special, eh?
    P.S. My new girl is…precious.

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    Awesome picture. I've always tried and wanted to capture Jen in all her perfection and beauty. This picture totally does that. I love it!! You should have it enlarged and have your mom put it up in the house. It really is perfect.

    When are coming to visit us????

    And to the woman who posted before me. Having a daughter with down syndrome will only enrich and brighten your life. They are some of the most chosen and perfect spirits on Earth and they come full of joy and happiness that radiates out to their family and everyone they come in contact with. Treasure the fact that you have such a special spirit gracing your home.

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    My magic-chromosome-bro is also a champ at both UNO and bowling!

    Ditto on the love and friends: my husband and were imagining Bro on Facebook …
    ME: He’d have more friends than both of us put together.
    HUBS: No – he’d have FANS. He’d have his own fan page.

    Wouldn’t they all!

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